About Te Pae

Opening in 2020, Te Pae is Christchurch’s convention centre and New Zealand's premier venue for conventions, conferences, congress, exhibitions, trade shows, meetings and events.

Te Pae's prime position in the central city on the banks of the Avon River (which has always been a key location for meeting and hospitality) enjoys the best of charming natural surroundings and easy access to Christchurch's flourishing CBD.

And with Christchurch at the heart of New Zealand's South Island, Te Pae is the perfect place from which to explore the best of our country's hospitality, culture, adventure and history.

The Building

Externally, the curves of Te Pae's building design bring a fluid and organic element that reflects the transition of the city's gridded street system to the winding Avon river. Canterbury’s braided rivers are a key influence on the facades and materials of the building, demonstrated in the way they wrap and flow around the building to reveal pathways, entrances, and other features. The Southern Alp mountain range also inspires the building materials and colour palette.

Inside, Te Pae Christchurch is purpose-designed for a flexible experience. Made up of an exhibition hall, a unique divisible auditorium, banquet hall, pre-function areas and interconnected meeting spaces, it’s a total of 28,000m² of space designed to constantly adapt so we can customise a space and experience to meet any event’s requirements.

The meaning of Te Pae

Our name, 'Te Pae' draws inspiration from several relevant uses in Te Reo Māori.

Te Pae Maunga – our mountain views. The source of our origin and central to our land and people, Mountains are a key element on the Southern landscape, just as Te Pae is a central point within our city.

Te Pae Whenua – the vast plains we inhabit. With our strong ties to mountains and the rivers and plains they create, it is only natural this influence can be found in the building’s design, where shapes and lines represent the contours of our Southern Alps and braided rivers of Canterbury.

Te Pae Tangata – a place to meet and converse. To talk, to be hosted, to share, entertain and inform…for Christchurch, Te Pae is a gathering place.

How to say 'Te Pae'

Te Reo Māori is the indigenous language of New Zealand and one our three official languages. Here's a guide on how to pronounce 'Te Pae':

Te as in 'tenor'

Pae sounds like 'pie'