Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre’s design is inspired by both our people and our place, with a strong design influence from the region’s mana whenua (people of the land). The world-class design of the venue reflects the natural beauty of our mountains, rivers, and lands, as well as the unique culture of the Canterbury region.

The exterior of Te Pae Christchurch is distinctive, reflecting the jagged outline of the Southern Alps evident in the venue’s angular skyline, while the exterior façade of Te Pae Christchurch features 43,000 herringbone tiles, designed to evoke Canterbury’s braided rivers.

The interior reflects our city and community’s diverse culture, history, and values. Like the exterior, the concept of flow is also a distinctive part of the interior, with large, floor-to-ceiling windows reflecting the fluidity and curves of our braided rivers.

Each room and area is designed to be both engaging and purposeful. From feature furnishings to the numerous artworks telling stories of Māori culture, every design element has been carefully considered for its contribution to the overall narrative.