What are Te Pae Christchurch’s opening hours?

The Te Pae Christchurch administration office is open from 8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

The centre’s operational hours will vary depending on the events being held.

How do I access Te Pae Christchurch?

Te Pae Christchurch can be accessed by delegates from Oxford Terrace and Cathedral Square. Take a look at our map in the online toolkit to see where these entries are located.

Can I smoke at Te Pae Christchurch?

Te Pae Christchurch is a non-smoking venue. Smoking within the venue is prohibited, this includes e-cigarettes and vapourisers.

I have flyers/handouts/product samples, can I distribute them at Te Pae Christchurch?

Distribution of printed media and advertising materials is restricted to the confines of any event registration area or exhibitor stand. The distribution of flyers/handouts/product samples must be authorised in writing by the centre’s management. The centre retains the right to request materials deemed offensive or harmful be removed from distribution.

I left something behind after an event. How do I reach the lost and found department?

All lost property is held at the Guest Services Desk in the Ground Floor Foyer during an event.

Following an event all lost and found items, except for those deemed perishable, are catalogued and stored for 30 days. After that period, articles may be disposed of at the discretion of the centre with no further claim available to those items. If you have left something behind, please call the centre’s reception on +64 3 266 1400 and provide a description of the item.

Who do I get in touch with about offering event services?

If you are a supplier of events services and support, please contact our Events Team via [email protected]

Who do I get in touch with about shooting film, or taking photos at Te Pae Christchurch?

For filming or photography in and around Te Pae Christchurch please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Mel Gurden on +64 21 190 2434 or email [email protected].

If you are an existing customer and seeking permission to film and/or photograph outside of your licensed tenancy, please contact your Event Coordinator.

I have a media/marketing/sponsorship inquiry, who do I contact?

For any media, marketing or sponsorship enquiries, interviews, images or information about Te Pae Christchurch, please contact our Marketing and Communications Manager, Mel Gurden on +64 21 190 2434 or email [email protected].

Attending an Event

Can I park at the centre and what is the cost?

There is no carpark located at Te Pae Christchurch. There are however secure car parks located in close proximity to the centre.

Where can I park my vehicle?

There is no carpark located at Te Pae Christchurch. There are however secure car parks located in close proximity to the centre.

Where can I park my bike?

There are bike hoops located on Oxford Terrace outside Te Pae Christchurch and covered bike parking facilities are available in close proximity to the centre.

Do you accept EFTPOS or credit card payments? Are there ATMs in the centre?

Te Pae Christchurch is a cashless facility. EFTPOS and credit card payments are accepted at Te Pae Christchurch. The closest ATM is located at Tūranga Central Library on Colombo Street.

I need to print something, do you have a business centre?

Te Pae Christchurch’s Guest Services team can help you with all your business requirements. Our Guest Services Desk is located in the Ground Floor Foyer.

Do you have a prayer room?

Please speak to your Event Coordinator regarding the location of a dedicated prayer room for your event.

Do you have any restrictions on the kind of camera I can bring?

Small digital cameras for personal use are accepted at most events but the flash must be turned off.

Professional cameras are not permitted inside the venue at any time. Cameras with detachable lenses or fixed lenses that extend more than 5cm from the body of the camera are also prohibited. These restrictions are subject to change at any time based on individual event requirements.

Video cameras and audio recording devices are not permitted at any event.

The use of selfie sticks is not permitted due to safety concerns and patron enjoyment.

Are there cloak rooms I can check in my items? Is it free?

Our cloak room facility is located at the Guest Services Desk in the Ground Floor Foyer. It is free for guests to use.

Please note, the location of additional cloak rooms may vary depending on the event, our Guest Assistants can assist you.

Is there a dress code?

All guests in attendance are required to be fully dressed and wear shoes at all times for their own safety. Please note that some events may have a specific dress code. Please refer to our terms and conditions of entry.

Is there a first aid room? Where is it?

For first aid and medical assistance during an event please contact a member of the Te Pae Christchurch team or see the Guest Services Desk in the Ground Floor Foyer.

I have a medical condition, can I bring in my medication (e.g. EpiPen or insulin pen)?

If you have a medical condition that requires you to carry medication (eg. EpiPens or insulin pens) please let security know that you have these items with you upon arrival.

Is there a parents room available for use?

Our parents room offers a safe and comfortable space for parents and children and features everything you need to change or feed in privacy and comfort. It is located on the Ground Floor.

Can I use a pram in the centre?

Prams are not permitted in the venue seating areas and must be checked in at the Guest Services Desk located in the Ground Floor Foyer. Please check with our Guest Assistants upon arrival as this location may change depending on the event.

Is wifi available onsite? Is it free?

Wireless connectivity is readily available throughout the centre. Guests will have access to free wi-fi. Some events also have a dedicated premium wifi network. If this is the case, the organiser of the event will provide you with the network name and password

Can we provide our own food and beverage for our event at the facility?

Te Pae Christchurch has the sole catering rights to all food and beverage products and our experienced team can assist you with all your culinary needs.

I am having issues with my ticket, can you help?

As a venue only, we do not handle the management of tickets to shows, concerts and events at the Centre, if you are having issues or have an enquiry about: seating maps; mobile tickets; tickets not printing; misplaced tickets; ticketing complaints or refunds, please contact the authorised ticket issuer from where you purchased your tickets.

Who is the authorised ticket seller for Te Pae Christchurch entertainment events?


Where do I find concert floor plans and where do I know where my seats are for concerts I’m attending? Do you have allocated standing spaces?

For specific concerts please check the event floor plan on the Ticketek website.

Can I book an accessible seat?

Accessible seats are available in Te Pae Christchurch’s Auditorium and must be booked through the event organiser for non-ticketed events and the authorised ticketing agent for ticketed events. Our Guest Services team is not able to directly assist with your ticketing enquiries.

Do you have hearing assistance?

IR Hearing Augmentation is available throughout the whole centre. Please speak with a Guest Services Assistant if you require more information.

Can I bring a disability assist animal?

Registered disability assist animals are permitted inside all of our venues. Due to limited space between seating rows, booking a wheelchair bay with a carer seat may provide more comfort for both patron and animal.

Do you have wheelchairs available to hire?

Our wheelchairs are reserved for emergencies. If you require assistance with a wheelchair please contact our Guest Services Desk.

I have a sign/poster/banner/flag that I want to bring to an event, can I?

Signs/posters should be authorised prior to arrival. Any seated patrons wishing to bring signs at a live event must ensure they are smaller than A3 size.

Do you have any restrictions around iPads/Tablets/smart devices?

For the comfort of patrons and performers of an event the use of iPads/Tablets are not permitted during live events. Phone usage may be restricted at some events depending on artist request.

Can I bring my umbrella?

Umbrellas longer than 300mm (when in the closed position) must be checked in at the Guest Services Desk or left in the bins provided.