Manaakitanga – it’s our way of welcoming you

New Zealanders place enormous value on our long tradition of being hosts: we call it manaakitanga. At Te Pae Christchurch, we want you to experience our special way of making people feel welcome.

For us, planning an event at Te Pae Christchurch is about more than a visit – it is about designing a tailored experience. We will go out of our way to ensure guests can enjoy a fully immersive encounter with our city and its people. We want them to make the most of every moment of their trip and leave having gained a new and rich experience of not only their field of expertise, but our culture, heritage and environment.

Te Pae Christchurch is not just a place, it is our people

Combining the depth of our local experience with the support of the world’s leading venue management company, we’re ideally positioned to establish Christchurch as a leading, world-class venue, attracting interest from a diverse range of international sectors.

In doing so, our focus is also on making a significant and lasting contribution to our community and region – and helping our like-minded clients, guests and delegates do the same. By bringing delegates to our city, we’ll also be the catalyst for greater social and economic investment in Christchurch.

We aim to serve our community by being active in it and delivering an authentic and collaborative view of Christchurch and Canterbury, now and into the future.