Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre’s impact on the society and environment in which we feature is a central operating principle of our organisation.

We believe in providing a social and economic contribution as part of our organisation’s good governance and to support those residing in Canterbury. Te Pae Christchurch has begun the process of forming meaningful partnerships with local businesses and organisations so that we may collaborate to address community needs.

Since early 2020, we supported Cholmondeley Children’s Centre, a charity working directly with families and children in the region to provide short-term respite care at times of stress or crisis. We are now partnering with Aviva, an organisation who support families and people across the community live a life free of violence.

Foodbank Canterbury will also work with us to collect salvageable food waste from our events, which will then be donated to those in need.

Te Pae Christchurch is a leader in the Christchurch community in the quest of increasing incremental visitation to the region by providing events that benefit the local economy, with a predicted annual economic benefit of $60 million to the city, positively impacting central businesses and our suppliers.