Award Win Signals ‘Brighter Future’ for Te Pae Christchurch

Award Win Signals ‘Brighter Future’ for Te Pae Christchurch

17 November 2022

Te Pae Christchurch has taken home the award for Exceptional Achievement in Environmental Management at the Toitū Brighter Future Awards.

Te Pae Christchurch General Manager Ross Steele said the win was a credit to the whole Te Pae team and their commitment and continued efforts to foster a culture of environmental excellence.

“We have set ourselves some lofty environmental and operational goals to achieve, and it is through every one of our team doing their part that we have been able to achieve this milestone.”

The win comes just six months after the Centre began operations, although the planning has been years in the making for the Te Pae Christchurch team with sustainability management a significant focus during the Centre’s pre-opening period.

“With venue sustainability a high priority for clients, it was important that we aligned with New Zealand’s strongest environmental programme,” Mr Steele said.

“The insights and guidance the Toitū team have provided us over the years through our pre-opening and now opening periods have been invaluable.

“While sustainable operations have always been a key focus for us, the process has been a great way to get every department thinking about what they do and the impact they have, and to proactively review and adjust progress against our goals,” he said. The Toitū Brighter Future Awards acknowledge Toitū certified businesses that are leading the way in environmental sustainability. The criteria for the awards is centred around demonstrating impact, and the finalists are required to scientifically prove to be making a positive difference to the world around them.