Support for our city

30 November 2021

Te Pae Christchurch is committed to having a positive and significant influence on our region and community, in line with our corporate social responsibility plan.

Te Pae Christchurch has begun the process of forming meaningful partnerships with local businesses and organisations so that we may collaborate to address community needs.

Since early 2020, we have supported Cholmondeley Children’s Centre, which works directly with families and children across the region to provide short-term respite care in times of stress or crisis. Cholmondeley’s aim is to create a safe and stimulating environment that supports children to enhance resilience and reduce family vulnerability. Our support of Cholmondeley has including donating proceeds from our Taste of Te Pae Activation Hub, as well as providing an auction item – the first degustation dinner in the Centre – which raised $21,500 at the charity’s annual Sparkle and Shine event. We have also held regular donation days and our Executive Chef Des Davies and the culinary team have assisted in preparing a thank you breakfast for Cholmondeley’s supporters.

Foodbank Canterbury is our chosen food donation charity, collecting surplus food from us and putting it to good use in a sustainable way. Te Pae Christchurch will host a number of large exhibitions and conferences in the coming years, which may incur some food waste. We aim to distribute salvageable food from these events, eliminating food unnecessarily going into landfill whilst benefiting those across Canterbury in need.

Our impact on the society and environment in which Te Pae Christchurch features is a central operating principle of our organisation. We have a comprehensive plan in place to implement and manage our corporate social responsibility, which includes socially beneficial engagement with local communities and charities, educational institutions, and social groups in order to foster community development and strengthen Te Pae Christchurch’s ties to the community.